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The Cuttlefish Capital of The World
Whyalla, Australia

Whyalla Australia

Where is the Cuttlefish Capital of the World?
Whyalla in South Australia is home each year to one of the largest underwater breeding aggregation of Cuttlefish in the world. A mecca for tourists, divers, underwater photographers, videographers and documentary makers. People get onto flights from all around the world and head to the cuttlefish capital of world, to experience the wonder of the cuttlefish. Whyalla itself more than just international significance for the cuttlefish, apart from the 300 days of a year it has some of the best fishing South Australia, Diving and the land locked HMAS Whyalla which is open for tourists.

Check out Whyalla's Web Cam's.
Whats happening in Whyalla the cuttlefish capital of the world right now? Well, take alook...

whycam1 whycam2

These Whyalla webcames are provided by Whyalla Council South Australia and are updated every 60 seconds. To see them update just press the refresh button on your web browser.

What are Cuttlefish?
Cuttlefish are marine based animals, and despite their name they are molluscs, not fish.  Cuttlefish have a shell which is referred to as the cuttlebone, two tentacles, eight limbs and W shaped pupils. Many people only know of the Cuttlefish bone they give to bird such as Budgies, however, cuttlefish are considered to be the most intelligent of the invertebrate species.


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